-MeenaさんからのEmailその9とその経過- 2001-3-13



すぐにWESTERN UNIONからお金を受け取ったそうです。大きな支援です。すぐに入金できるか心配しました。






TTS120.60、 $331.67也   国際ボランティアをするには円高であって欲しいのだ。


Dearest friend Miaki,

How are you?

 I received the Western Union money on time. Its a great help. I was very worried about the money which is soon to come.

 The foundation is complete , the wooden frame of doors and windows I ordered . Now biggest money we have to pour on the roof because its a solid concrete cement.We have completely different system of construction. If I put Tin on the roof then it won't be strong. I have decided to have separate toilet for boys and girls.

 I am so thoughtful to you and your kind friends and I appreciate them from my heart. I am also writing a very good article about our project and you are the soul of my book. If you have time please write to me about you. How you'v begun to think about Nepal?I'll continueto write.

Your dear friend Meena