-MeenaさんからのEmailその5とその経過- 2001-1-28


 ミーナさんは忙しい毎日です。日本での問題は結局のところ送金に関してですね、先週 grindaly's A/C Noを知らせたから今度はうまく行くでしょうと。






 このボランティアをするためにマザーテレサを知りたいと思い簡単にまとめました。マザーテレサを想う。 お金の援助も必要ですが本当のところは実際人と関わりを持つことであると思いました。私をここまでかりたてているものはポカラでの盲学校の子供たちに会った体験、あの聖なる気持ち。あれこそマザーテレサが言うように彼らの中にキリストを見たのかもしれません。ミーナさんに頼めば誰でも歓迎してくれます。時間ができる方はぜひ体験して欲しいと思います。彼らだけでなく日本でも心が貧しくなっていたり、困っている人もいます。物でなく心の援助ができるようになれればいいなと思う今です。


              郵便振込 10280-71766551 樋口百合子

Dear Miaki San, how are you? I'm sure you must be very busy .

 After all the problem you had to go through regarding the money. I am sorry. I also didn't know in details. Finally I have all the answers. By the way, a week ago, I sent you my grindaly's A/C No. and hope it will work.

 Miaki San , from god's blessings and with all our faith, finally we succeed to make our program a NON GOV. ORGANIZATION (NGO). tHERE ARE MANY GOV. FELLOWS HAVING THE GREED TO TAKE MONEY AS COMMISSIONS and I had to fight every door to door I told them clearly its a shame to take money from children because they know I am coming from USA they tried to treat me as foreigner. I proved them just just to be a good human being forget about who is who?

 tHERE ARE SOME GOOS PEOPLE TOO i ALSO RECEIVED FORM HAVING the stamp about our program and the registration no I am going to mail 50 COPIES to th kind friends of yours. I will also send photographs. It has the same system as in USA so any amount of donation we can deduct through our tax. Miaki San, which is the convenient mailing add of yours so I can send you the package.

 Doing this everytime I am thinking about you. I wish we could have some more time together and its co incidence we are of same agr. After all this good work , when you come to NepaL WE MUST GO TO Lumbini FOR FUN BECAUSE WE DESERVE IT. My family sending you love. I have small gift for your mom and kind Mr Kato. Missing you. Love Meena