-ネパールとのEmailその14とその経過- 2001-5-6




 予算:  年次報告:

 ”HOME FOR BUDDHAS"は希望を持たせ感動を与えてくれ学習の機会を与えてくれ、たくさんの支援をしてくれる偉大な友人たちにとても感謝しています。

 HOME FOR BUDDHASの子供たちは生まれながらにして家がある子供たちと自分たちは変わりないと思い始めるようになりました。今では子供たちは、もうすぐ夕方には休むことができる家ができるということにワクワクしています。食べる物がある!風呂場も! これは彼らにとって目新しいでき事なのです。



 10ドルで、私たちは、1日当たり3人のストリートチュードレンと2人の盲目の子供を養うことができます。68人のストリートチュードレンと 45人の 盲目の子供 、合わせて113人の子供を養うためには毎月約1500ドルを必要とします。これは常時必要なのです。しかし、私たちはいつも4、5人の子供たちを更に養わなくてはいけないことがあります。この金額は電気、ガス、燃料なども含んでいます。その子供たちのために料理するのは女性グループで私は皆と一緒にいます。私たちは一緒に働くのを楽しんでいます。それは大きなピクニックのようです。私たちは、食べる前と後に、子供たちに食べ方と洗い方を教えます。私の家は、彼らのためのセカンドハウスのようになっています。しかし、私のプライバシーと休息は少ししかいらないのだとわかっています。可能な限りすぐに建物の工事を完成させたいと思います。私は、以前話していたように10000ドルを捜していました。私は、あなたが私にどれ位送ったかのすべての記録をしています。私はあなた方にとても感謝しています。


 私たちの盲目の子供たちは音楽の分野において優れています。彼らは、音楽コンクールでもう一度1位を獲得しました。私はあなたにすぐ書くたくさんの案を出しました。神に感謝しています、何て、素晴らしいチームなのでしょう! 私たちはそうなのです。今日のために。多くの愛をあなた方やあなたの家族へ。



Dear Miaki San, lots of love and Namaste !!!!!

 Here is a budget for the expense on the children.


" HOME FOR BUDDHAS " are very thankful to those greatest friends who could give them so much support with that they have a hope, feel, learn.

 As other children , they too begin to feel that they are not different then other childrenn who have home before theare born. Now our home for buddha's children are very excited . They are going to have a home soon for rest in the evening. They have meal to eat , bathroom which is very new thing for them .

 Children are learning how to read and write at my house with their morning meal.

 Right now we have 68 street children to feed everyday and 45 blind children at the blind school. food served twice a day to the street children and thrice a day to blind children with morning tea. Street children's food is very traditional, simple Nepali food. Blind children's food also traditional but little different. we have included some fruits and meat once a week in their day off which makes them very happy.

 with total cost of $10 we can feed 3 street children and 2 blind children per day. 68 - street children 45 - blind children We need around $1500 everymonth to feed 113 children including street and blind. This is regular but we always have to feed four or five axtra children . This total amount includes electricity, gas, fuel,man-power and everything else. Its all my women group who cook for the children and I accompany them. We enjoy doing work together. Its like a big picnic. We teach the children how to eat and wash themselves before and after eating.

 My house has begun to be second home for them but I realise that I need little privacy and rest. I want to finish the building as soon as posible. As I mentioned you before, I was looking for $10000. I have all the records of how much you have sent me.I am so thankful to you.

 My brother also helping me but he can't continue as he has his own family to look after.I could get only $1800 from selling the jewellery my mom gave me. But I never give up hope. I will go on and on with all yours support. I am very thankful to you and all your kind friends.

 Our blind kids are doing well in music they were once again first in the competition. I gave many plans for the project which i shall write you soon. i am thankful to god, what a wonderful team we are !!!. this much for today. lots of love to you and your family.

your friend , Meena.