-MeenaさんからのEmailその1とその経過- 2000-12-26




日本で何ができるか問われるのは素晴らしいことだ。もし日本の友人たちの間で5千ドル集めることができればいいスタートができる。Western Union を通して送金してください。




Dearest Miaki, happy holiday and best wishes for the coming year.

May 2001 bring lots of happiness to you and your family.

 Nepal is buddha's country and we have the air of good spirit here. But sometimes it breaks my heart to see the small homeless buddhas in the street dying of poverty. We must do something for them. I have land and donated it from my heart and I have saved some money to build 2 big hall so that during rainy season and winter they can take shelter. there are also some good doctors ready to provide free medication to the needy.

 It was so wonderful of you to ask what you can help. If possible from you and your friends then can you collect $5000 or any amount that is a good start. I can start the project soon . you can send the money through Western Union My Address:. Dr. Meena Singh Khadka, Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal.

 Winter is killing so my project should begin soon. This is the only tension I have. You have no idea how much thankful I am for your help to think about my living street buddhas.  Hope to see you very soon once again. HAPPY AND PROSPERIOUS NEW YEAR 2001 Your friend forever,                                                 Meena.

 For the timebeing please put this leyyer in your website with your and my name. You can also give a copy each to your friends.