Dear friends in Japan,

Namaste and hello from Pokhara, Nepal!

 The reason I am writing to you is to share my conserns for the many homeless and disabled children of my counrty. Very recentrly I met a very kind person named Miaki Nakashio from Japan, on her visit to Nepal, with whom I got the opportunity to show some of my volunteer works in Nepal, She was very impressed and became very helpful to me. She advised me why don't I write about my program in detail so that she could share with her other friends in Japan.

 Three thousand years ago, Nepal served as the birthplace of our Lord Buddha. But now-a-days, I am witness to the hundreds of small "Buddhas" , living alone, or in gangs, on the streets and suffering from hunger, pain and incredible social injustices.

 Two years ago, I relocated to my country after teaching at a university in the USA for twenty years and now I find myself unable to accept the desperate living conditions of many of my people, especially the children and women who suffer so badly.

 We are extremely lucky to have kind Miaki San and her friends visit our work and endeavors in Pokhara, Nepal. I hope that any of you who feel an interest to help us in our efforts will contact Miaki San and please have her share with you her impressions of the conditions of the poor in my country and our dedication to serving and fulfilling our purpose to a higher cause.

 Nepal is a beautiful country, rich with nature and highest, most beautiful mountains in the world. But within those mountains live many of faithful, industrious and gentle but the most suffering people of the world.

 Thank you very much for reading this letter. I appreaciate your time and concerns.

 Yours gratefully,
 Dr.Meena Khadka,
Om Sai Shyam Kunj,
 32, Man
Telephone Pokhara, Nepal-32535

Miaki Nakashio