Our objectives:

 In winter we can see the children, whose home is street, shivering on the corner of the street, looking for the shelter at the pavement of the shops after shops closes down. Of course, we are taking care of food, clothing and emergency medical care for them. These children, for many reasons, unfortunately ended up on the street. Most of the time, I could see them in groups giving each other moal support, sharing each other's food and clothes. Immediately I realized that they desperately needed a home. I wished I could give one. I had land given by my mother. Next morning, I called some of my close friends and family, asked for their help, they all did their best. Now the construction is going on in that land for their shelter plus it could serve as their emergency medical care center.


 A very specila and rewarding music program was begun for 45, very poor, blind children, who were lacking any recreation or creative means of expression in their limited lives. Music instructors have been provided, as well as an array of instruments and supplies, and a celebration of talent and joyful participation has emerged. We were also able to manage one full scholarship for a wonderfyl blind student who was leaving school due to lack of financial support from his poor family. We hope thar's a beginning for the boy, and for other students to come.


 This year we were touched by the plight of an exceptional, young, nine year old, very poor, village girl, who's entire left leg had to be removed due to severe burns received when she fell into an open fire. She had struggled every school day for 3 hours on dangerous mountain trails in pursuit of her educatiom, and still she managed to be a top student in her class. Gratefully, we can no say that she resides on our scholarship in a good boarding school, where she enjoys her academics and life in much more comfortable and safe circumstances.


 Nine children, some disabled, and all formerly homeless, and succeeding well in high school and collede with the support of our scholarships. We are very gratified at the motivation and courage these children have demonstrated, in their pursuit of opportunity, and of their enthused appreciation of their supporters.


 We make continuing efforts to serve the many women who are abused by husbands, in-laws or employers, and are forced to work in the most menial, cruel, labor force to feed their children and themselves. We offer guidance, consoling and emergency services to these noble mothers, and hopefully, we are making beginning efforts to join them in their serch for expression and freedom from oppression.


 With the help of friends to seek out street children for special gatherings, we periodically provide healthy meals and clothes donations, and well as spiritual uplifting and encouragement to live by the codes of good human values.